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BETTYANN GOLDEN is a highly successful entrepreneur who has received many national awards and honors.

She is a dynamic leader whose purpose is helping people realize and achieve their dreams and goals and live with passion.

BettyAnn’s unique vision, compassionate wisdom and powerful team-building skills have made a difference in thousands of lives.

BettyAnn shares that Gratitude, Appreciation and “Being Genuine In Who You Are” can change your life and the lives of others.

She discovered the C.U.R.E. Connection formula of “Communication, Understanding, and Respect Every day”, which is the very essence of all successful relationships!

BettyAnn cherishes spending time with Family, Travelling with her husband, Philanthropy, Dancing, and Live Music.

BettyAnn has been joyfully married to her sweetheart Bob Golden for 50 years. They have 3 beautiful grandchildren and their two sons are also successful entrepreneurs with loving and happy marriages.

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