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BELINDA BOLAN is an author, life coach and fitness advocate who has received many accolades as an inspiration to women.

Belinda uses her dynamic ability to help people discover their true potential by creating achievable goals and systematically organized steps to make them a reality.

Belinda’s mission is to empower women to take charge and create the life and relationships they love and desire. Belinda’s interests are Family, Fitness, Travel, and Dancing with her husband on their many date nights.

Belinda met her soulmate Scott on a blind date and were engaged within two weeks and married within two months!

They are enjoying their 24th year of happy marriage & have six beautiful children she homeschools while running a successful business.

Belinda has a genuine love for helping women and empowering relationships, and uses her vast skill, insights and personal experience for real breakthroughs and amazing results.

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